Recycling during Student Center renovation

student center construction

In a continuing effort to decrease solid waste, Lynchburg College has been recycling as much as possible during the ongoing renovation and expansion of the Student Center.

Check out this news coverage by WSET.

Here’s a quick rundown of recycling/reuse efforts.

  • Trees and shrubs are being ground up for mulch. The tree replanting plan provides a minimum of a one-for-one replacement; however, there will be more with the incorporation of the Loop Road plantings. The grounds crew also retrieved several trees before site demolition and replanted them on campus.
  • Bricks, concrete, and slate are being ground up and brought back to campus to be used in pipe trenches for back fill.
  • Metal and steel, including iron railings, rebar from concrete, and window lintels, are being recycled.
  • Light posts have been salvaged and will be used on campus as needs arise.
  • Flagpoles in front of Hall Campus Center were moved to the front of Hopwood Hall to replace the old ones, which will be reused off campus.
  • Burton Student Center lettering has been carefully removed and is in storage until a final plan for its use is determined.