MBA program achieves high rankings

schewel hallLC’s School of Business and Economics was recently featured in CEO Magazine, which ranked LC’s MBA program among the top in the world.

LC’s program was No. 11 in the Global MBA ranking and No. 2 in the North America ranking. CEO Magazine selects schools that have high-quality faculty and a reputation for “opening doors” for graduates active in the job market.

According to the British-based magazine, flexibility, ready access to faculty, smaller class sizes, career services, and faculty with real-world business experience, has led many MBA applicants to look beyond the “instantly recognisable” global providers.

With this in mind, the International Graduate Form (IGF) set about identifying business schools capable of meeting the expectations of applicants. Schools selected for inclusion into the European, North American, and Australian MBA ranking tables not only demonstrated the qualities today’s MBA applicants look for, they are capable of challenging the established, globally recognized MBA providers.

Factors considered include class size, international diversity, accreditation, study abroad options, price, range of programs, male-to-female ratio, and faculty backgrounds and academic degrees.

In the CEO Magazine story on LC, Dr. Joe Turek, dean of SOBE, talked about the program’s emphasis on applied learning:

“We’ve built case-based learning into the curriculum. As such, students are actively involved in writing cases – they’ll frequently do the case analysis in small groups and then make a presentation. The emphasis in case analysis is on trying to recognise and define problems and coming to grips with decision making under ambiguous circumstances. Entering into questions at the end of a chapter in a text book makes for a very contrived learning process; it’s just not very valuable and rather mechanistic – decision making is a lot messier, so we use cases to get students to deal with real-world decision making situations.”

Check out the complete story online or in PDF.