Serious about Syria

Students sporting green and black armbands will be spreading the word during lunch Friday in the cafeteria and Westover that Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad must go.

Thirteen of the sixteen students in Dr. Sabita Manian’s Model UN class have decided to launch a campaign supporting the people of Syria as their year-end project. “The violence has to stop,” said Zane Barrick, one of the two head delegates to the recent Model UN, in which LC received a Distinguished Delegation award.

Dubbed, “Lynchburg College Serious About Syria,” the campaign supports the Syrian resistance seeking the overthrow of Assad.

Students in formal attire will be reading short messages throughout the lunch hour Friday. They also have written letters to the U.S. Congress and the embassies of Syria, Turkey, Russia, and China.

They have created their own Facebook page and Twitter account.

At 8:15 p.m. Monday, Dr. Manian, professor of international relations; Dr. Brian Crim, assistant professor of history; and Dr. David Richards, assistant professor of international relations, will present a “Serious About Syria Awareness Forum,” in the Alumni House Lounge.