Social sciences shine

LC professors and students were recognized for their scholarship at the Virginia Social Science Association annual meeting March 27, 2010 at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Va.

Dr. Kimberly McCabe,professor of sociology and dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, was the recipient of the VSSA 2010 Scholar Award in Sociology at the annual meeting’s plenary session where she delivered a talk on what inspired and led her to a life of scholarship.

Christopher Edwards ’13 was chosen by the VSSA Board as one of five “Best Undergraduate Presentations” for his talk, “With All Deliberate Speed: Free Schools in Prince Edward County.”

Tessa Evans ’12 won honorable mention in the Peter Wallenstein Best Undergraduate Paper Award, placing fourth in a field of nearly 40 papers representing six disciplines. She presented “A New Revival: The Influence of African-American Religion on Plantation Women in the American South.”

LC’s other student presenters were Samantha Bryant ’11, Ellie Rapp ’11, Haylee Nelson ’10, Danielle Miller ’10, and Jenna Jewell ’10.

Faculty presenters included Dr. Kirt von Daacke, assistant professor of history, Beth Wood, adjunct professor of history, and Dr. Gabe Santos and Dr. Ken Wagner, both assistant professors of sociology.