Seven billion and counting

As the number of humans hits 7 billion this year, it’s a good time to study population, the theme for this year’s Senior Symposium.

The Earth had fewer than 1 billion in 1800, 3 billion in 1960, and 6 billion as recently 1999. By 2050, it’s expected that there will be 9 billion humans.

Already 1 billion are malnourished or starving. Can such numbers be sustained? The discussion begins Monday.

All lectures are at noon in Memorial Ballroom, Hall Campus Center.

Sept. 5: Don Werner, Ph.D., LC professor of psychology, discussing, “Overpopulation: the self-destructive aspect of human nature”

Sept. 12:Mary Atwell, PhD, professor of criminal justice, Radford University, “Capital Punishment: an appropriate response to conflict?”

Sept. 19: Brian Crim, PhD, LC assistant professor of history, “Race, Settlement, and Genocide: the Nazi quest for Lebensraum during the Second World War”

Sept. 26:David Swanson, author, blogger, and activist; former press secretary to Rep. Dennis Kucinich, “The Strangest Dream: when the world banned war”