Representing France

Eighteen Lynchburg College students are attending the Mid-Atlantic European Simulation in Washington, D.C., this week with Dr. Marek Payerhin, associate professor of international relations and political science.

The simulation is bringing together some 160 students from 14 different universities and colleges, who represent various member states of the European Union. This year’s simulation focuses on the Mediterranean policy of the EU, along with efforts to cut pollution in the Mediterranean Sea and attention to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Lynchburg College delegation is representing France this year. Their mission involves engaging in heated debates, including those of the European Parliament, the European Council, EU Commission, and the Council of Ministers. Students will also have the chance to meet with diplomats at the French Embassy.

LC students attending are Natalie Armel ’11, Samantha Bryant ’11, David Busch ’13, Nicholas Byron ’13, Jacob Cavallo ’11, Jordan Curet ’11, Matthew Dotten ’12, Jillian Gates ’13, Kaleigh Giles ’12, Amylynn Hollingsworth ’12, Alexandra Jadovich ’12, Thomas Key ’11, Justin Lincho ’11, Patrick McCleary ’13, Zachary Schreiner ’11, Gregory Sigler ’11, Graham Smith ’12, and David Warner ’12.