Red Goes Green

Did you know LC has pet chickens, a free bike sharing program, and cell phone recycling? Sign up for our newest blog to learn more about sustainability efforts on campus.

Senior Roni LaRoque is LC’s first sustainability intern and works out of the President’s Office. She writes a weekly blog about all things green. Be sure to check out the Red Goes Green blog and sign up for it under “subscription options.”

Roni recently wrote about the “Be the Change” recycling effort. More than 100 students turned out. Check out this video.

Roni is a communication studies major with a minor in environmental studies. Learn more about her green leanings. 

Q: What prompted your interest in the environment? 

I am most at peace when I am outside. I learned about the risk our environment was facing and in me grew a strong interest to advocate for the environment, educate my peers, and model good stewardship for the purpose of preserving our Earth. I have made it a priority and my passion to live sustainably to my best ability.

Q: What makes you a Green Queen?

I am always looking for a way to better the environment. It is in the nature of my lifestyle to pick up litter, encourage recycling, conserve, reduce, and reuse. I make it a goal to practice sustainable behavior in the hope that others around me will do the same. I think what makes me a Green Queen is the difference between going green and being green. We can do things every day that can be classified as “going green,” but to “be green” and daily practice green living takes more dedication and focus.

Q: What are your post-graduation plans?

I have been accepted to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central or South America. I will be in the classroom teaching HIV/AIDS prevention and health sanitation. I will also be working at a water sanitation facility constructing wells! I am beyond excited!

Want to blog?

We’re looking for a new Red Goes Green blogger for the fall. If you’re interested, contact Roni at or Shannon Brennan at .



03/22/2012, Lynchburg College Communications and Marketing