Purple toilet, pink bras

Should a purple toilet or pink bra appear in your yard, don’t panic. Lynchburg College students are doing a variety of fundraisers to battle cancer.

A total of 518 LC students have already raised nearly $18,000 for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, scheduled for Friday,April 9at 8 p.m. in the Dell, through a variety of fundraisers, including the purple toilet brigade. Residents have to pay to have the toilet removed from their lawn ($10 to take it away; $20 to take it away and send it to a friend; $30 for toilet insurance to take it away, send it to a friends’ and never bring it back).

The Panhellenic Council has been raising money in the fight against breast cancer. The recently ended “Penny Wars” raised $1,652, while a Breast Cancer Awareness Auction raised another $507. Pink banners and bras draped the Sigma Phi Epsilon House to promote the auction.