Invisible Children

“Invisible Children” will be visiting Lynchburg College to share the story of Ugandan child soldiers at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, February 27 in Hopwood Auditorium.

There will be a screening of an Invisible Children film, facilitated by four representatives from the organization. A documentary by LC student Angela Massino ’11, created from her week-long trip to Chicago for the national “Rescue” event last spring, will also be shown.

Invisible Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing attention to the child soldiers in northern Uganda. The organization was founded by three college students who traveled to Africa, discovered the child soldiers, and felt compelled to act on their behalf through video documentation.

After 23 years, the longest running war in Africa is still not over. The Lord’s Resistance Army has terrorized the region of northern Uganda, which has resulted in the displacement of over 200,000 people and the kidnapping of over 35,000 children who have been indoctrinated as child soldiers.

“The situation in northern Uganda is one that demands our attention,” Angela said. “As global citizens committed to equality and justice, it is a situation that we cannot ignore. It is a beautiful tradition of Lynchburg College and the surrounding community, started by Dr. Todd Olsen and Sports Outreach, to give of ourselves to help our brothers and sisters in Uganda. We hope that you will join us in continuing with this tradition and commitment to give a voice to the invisible children.”