Good advice

Two LC staff members have contributed a chapter to a new handbook on career advising that has been praised as one of the best resources available for advising college students.

Heidi Koring, director of academic advising, and Beverly Reid, director of career development, contributed a chapter to The handbook of career advising (2009) ( Hughey, K. F., Nelson, D. B., Damminger, J. K., McCalla-Wriggins, B. (Eds.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass and the National Academic Advising Association).

A review in the current issue of the NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) Journal (Spring 2010) by Joan Pederson of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis said:

“The handbook editors successfully organized, integrated, and illuminated a comprehensive body of knowledge and best practices such that the publication will potentially enhance the delivery of career advising services in higher education as well as inspire advisors to personally step up to the challenge of helping students make integrated and effective academic and career decisions.

“Indeed, as a model of how to take on a seemingly daunting task with competency, enthusiasm, and vision, the handbook sets the bar high for advisors. It is an essential resource in the training of all new academic advisors as well as in the staff development of seasoned advisors. I will put it up with my top 10 career-advising resources as I provide institutional leadership toward the successful integration of academic and career advising that empowers students to reach their potential.”