First-Year Programs

Our goal is to help high school students become successful college graduates. Our commitment to supporting our students is reflected in the high marks they give us on the NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement).

The programs we offer to first-year students center around the Connections Program, a unique peer mentoring and education program. Expanding Your Horizons and other programs for First Generation students help them to thrive at college, and the Summer Transitions Program (STP) offered by the International and Multicultural Services office provides students with a great kick-off to their first year at LC.

2014 Getting Started brochure (PDF)

Freshmen Services & Resources

Below are just some of the services, classes, and resources available to LC students.


Academic Advising: Academic and Career Services office
Each entering student is assigned an advisor who helps the student select appropriate academic programs. You'll continue to work with this advisor until you declare a major; then you'll be assigned an advisor in your major area. 

Career Development: Academic and Career Services office
Take an active approach toward career preparation - initiative is a key factor of career success! Get help assessing your strengths and interests, explore possible majors and careers, set goals, and learn skills like resume writing and interviewing. 

Learning Resources:Academic and Career Services office
A variety of study and learning resources are available to support your academic progress, including:

  • Wilmer Writing Center
  • Math Lab and Math Study Sessions
  • Foreign Language Lab
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Residential Life
The Office of Residence Life provides housing options and programs that make living on campus fun, safe, and educational.

Student Health and Counseling Services
Available on campus for all full-time students.

The Hornet Student Handbook

The Hornet, Lynchburg College's student handbook, includes information on campus offices and services, a calendar of events, frequently needed phone numbers, the Honor and Student Conduct Codes and judicial regulations. Please consult your copy of The Hornet for more complete list of resources.


Freshman Success Seminar (GS100)

Freshman Success Seminar is an elective, 1-credit hour course that addresses issues like decision making, goal setting, academic strategies, healthy choices, and adjustments to college life. Connection Leaders facilitate the seminars using guidelines and materials provided during ongoing training sessions.

College Success Strategies (GS 104)
This course teaches students important study skills and explores different learning styles. Basic study habits are reinforced, including time management, active reading skills, and test preparation. The class is offered both halves of the fall semester and once during the spring semester for freshmen only.  

Career Development (GS105)
This 7-week course introduces students to the career-decision making process through self-assessment, major/career exploration, and the integration of this information into career fields. The class is offered both halves of fall and spring semester for freshmen and sophomores only.