Expand Your Horizons

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Expand Your Horizons is a distinctive LC experience, allows you to create greater opportunities for yourself.

The Expand Your Horizons program begins in your second semester. You and a group of your classmates join in a learning community that combines:

  • A college success course or career development course
  • An outdoor adventure leadership course and retreat at Claytor Nature Center
  • Peer mentoring
  • Development of a four-year plan for your education at LC

In your second year at LC you will put your plan into action by taking part in an experiential learning opportunity which could include an adventure-based leadership class, professional internship, a mentoring program, or study abroad experience. You'll have the opportunity to receive a $750 grant to apply to the experiential learning opportunity of their choice.

Who's Eligible?

To apply, you must be a first generation student (your parents did not graduate from a four-year college or university).

You must be a full-time student in good academic standing. You apply in the fall of your first year.

Expanding Your Horizons is made possible through the generous support of Walmart and CIC.