About the Program

Sandusky dig imageThe Museum Studies minor examines museums of art, history, natural history, science, and more. The minor stresses theoretical concepts and develops practical skills that prepare you for graduate studies, entry-level jobs, and to understand and appreciate museums as cultural and educational places.

The Museum Studies Minor is open to students in any major and is the perfect minor for anyone with a major in art, history, communication studies, business, sociology, environmental science, biology, education, theater, chemistry, marketing, sport management, and many more!

Getting a chance to understand the meaning of objects and how to use them to educate the public is how the Museum Studies Program has challenged me.

Evan Parry '13
The interdisciplinary nature of museum studies helps me even in congregational ministry, by learning to look at space and the many facets of any project.
Diana Hodges-Batzka '03, ordained minister

The museum studies courses provided "real world" scenarios - it was a great opportunity and learning experience.

Matt Speliotis '03