Modern and Classical Languages Department

Languages are the most efficient tools to create communication between the nations and cultures of an increasingly interconnected world. Studying languages at Lynchburg College will help you become an active global citizen.

Our goal is to equip our students with a high degree of language proficiency during our introductory courses before they enter our minor and major programs.

The Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures program offers major and minor programs in French and Spanish, and minor programs in French, German, Latin, and Spanish. These programs increase the student's fluency in the language studied and provide a broad understanding of the literature and the culture studied.

In conjunction with another area of specialization, the competence gained in the modern language major program will prepare the student for careers in fields such as the health sciences, international business and commerce, law and communications and international relations.

Student opportunities

A degree in languages prepares you for a career in:

  • Foreign language teaching
  • The diplomatic corps
  • Bilingual education
  • Government education
  • Law enforcement 
  • Health services
  • Health care
  • The international marketplace
  • A degree in languages also prepares you for graduate study in such fields as sciences, medicine, library science, literature, philology, and comparative literature.

Why Study a Foreign Language?

Daniel Telele

"Studying a foreign language is a great way to add an edge to your applications upon graduation. I would definitely encourage students to take advantage of the Language Department at Lynchburg College not only as a way to be more competitive in the job place, but also to be more engaged in a society where globalization is an ever occurring theme."

- Daniel Telele '11, MBA '12