VA Consortium for Early Childhood Special Education

The VDOE has funded the consortium primarily to assist current teachers in early childhood special education (ECSE) with provisional licensure to complete 6 of the required courses for ECSE endorsement. Teachers in this group are the priority recipients of tuition assistance.

If you are currently teaching preschool-aged children with disabilities and do not have the ECSE endorsement, you are encouraged to apply. Others who are interested in obtaining ECSE endorsement are invited to participate, but tuition assistance is not guaranteed.

The consortium is funded by the Virginia Department of Education, with additional support (for Lynchburg College students) from Lynchburg College. Classes are comprised of students who are enrolled at either Lynchburg College or Radford University, Radford, Va. In a given year, three courses are offered at Lynchburg College and three at Radford.

Endorsement Courses Offerings

The following courses required for Virginia endorsement in ECSE are offered: Speech/language Development, Behavior Management, Family-Centered Interventions, Instructional Methods, Assessment, and Medical Aspects. Lynchburg College offers other courses, but they are on-campus offerings only, and they typically do not come with VDOE ECSE tuition grant support.

Courses Instructor Format Semester Offering
SPED 620A Speech/Language Staff On campus Spring
SPED 620B Gilbert Online Summer
SPED 625 Behavior Management Barnhill On campus Fall
SPED 625B Behavior Management Hoover Online Fall
SPED 651 Family Centered Interventions Buck Online Spring
SPED 653 Instructional Methods Hoover Online Spring
SPED 660 Assessment Cash Online Fall
SPED 662 Medical Aspects Buck Online Fall

Note: online courses may require 1 or 2 Saturday sessions on campus

How to Apply

To apply for the grant, you will need to apply to Lynchburg College School of Graduate Studies; apply for the Certificate for Young Children with Disabilities.

You must also fill out the consortium application. Apply now using our new online form!

Letter to applicants (PDF)

Consortium flyer (PDF)

Program Requirements

  • Admission to the graduate program at Lynchburg College
  • Admission to the consortium
  • Access to Internet
  • Transportation for occasional scheduled face-to-face class sessions

Need more information?

If you are interested in the consortium and have questions or need more information, please contact:

Lynchburg College
Dr. Glenn Buck