Subject Index for Online Journal of Special Education

Volumes 1-10

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Advance and Graphic Organizers

Daniel, K: "Advance Organizers: Activating and Building Schema for More Successful Learning in Students with Disabilities"

Humphrey, E: "Enhancing Science Instruction through the Use of Graphic Organizers"

Lubin, J., and Sewak, M: "Enhancing Learning through the Use of Graphic Organizers: A Review of the Literature"

Nicholas, Fabienne S. "The Implementation and Effective Use of Graphic Organizers in the Classroom: Graphic Organizers to the Rescue"

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

McCorkle, Susan: Decreasing Self-Injurious Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Cash, Deanna B.: "Academic Interventions for Students with ASD"

Floyd, Jeanie "Asperger Syndrome: Literature Review"

McCorkle, Susan L.: "Visual Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Cruz, A.R: "Asperger Syndrome and its Presence during the Adolescent Years"

Weis, Marta.: "Autism - The Sensory Piece"

Lubin, Jacqueline: “Sibling-Mediated Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”

Functional Skills

Bailey, Jenevieve; Gunter, Sharron J.; Thomas, Lisa J.D.; and Thompson, Patrice: “The Role of Functional Skills Instruction”

Mattox, L: "Adolescent Students with Disabilities and Learning Strategies"

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Yang, Lihua: "Self-injury and Behavior Supports for People with Intellectual Disability"

Worcester II, Gordon B.: Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Considerations for the Criminal Justice System

Booker, Brandi: "Behavioral Supports for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders"

Jacobs, K: "Buck v. Bell: Eighty Years of Challenges for Parents with Developmental Disabilities"


Cruz, A: "Reaching all Students through Effective Mathematics Instruction"

Vaughn, J: "Math Difficulties"


Norris, A: "A Strategic Approach to Adolescent Literacy: A Diagnosis and Prescription for Students with Reading Deficits"

Worcester II, Gordon B.: “Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies for Individuals with Learning Disabilities: A Research Synthesis”

Mahlburg, Rebecca: "Reading and Students with Intellectual Disabilities"

Jacobs, K. "Defining Reading Disabilities: Multiple Deficits Behind One Problem"

Hall, C.: "Does RAP Increase Reading Comprehension Levels?"

Scruggs, A.: "Effective Reading Instruction Strategies for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities"

Sperduto, Susan "Non- Responders: Current Findings in Reading Instruction as Related to Students Unresponsive to Early Intervention"

Menal, Venesta: Phonemic Awareness

Virgile, Callista B. "Picture Exchange Communication System: A Review of the Literature

Harvey, Michele: "Reading Comprehension: Strategies for Elementary and Secondary School Students"

Scott, Jessica R.: "Reading Comprehension Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities or Reading Difficulties in Grades 3-12: A Literature Review, 2006-2011"

Murtagh, D.: "Specialized Reading Programs: An Analysis Of The Components of Effective Reading Instruction"

Norris, A: "A Strategic Approach to Adolescent Literacy: A Diagnosis and Prescription for Students with Reading Deficits"

Beyer, J.: "Strategies for Helping Struggling Readers Comprehend Expository Text"

Watts, A: "Vocabulary Instruction: A Review of Traditional Approaches and Effective Methods"

Science and Social Studies

Humphrey, E: "Enhancing Science Instruction through the Use of Graphic Organizers"

Yang, Lihua: A Comprehensive Look of Social Studies Instruction: Seeking Effective Strategies


Wehmeyer, Michael L.: "Introduction to Special Topic Issue on Self-Determination"

DeBarthe, Gina and Spolsky, Sonya: "Communicative Competence and Self-Determination

Chiu, Caya and Haines, Shana: ”Parent Autonomy Support for Children with Low Achievement and Disabilities"

Lee, Hyunjoo and Wu, Hsiang-Yi: ”Promoting Self-Determination in IEP Meetings"

Shin, Sookyung and Stroup-Rentier, Vera Lynne: ”Promoting the Self-Determination of Students with Severe Cognitive Disabilities"

Joannou, Kristin and Wolf, Jacob: ”Choice Making and Individuals with Significant Disabilities"

Special Areas in Special Education

Charles, Antonia M.: “Homework Problems and Remedies: Academic Instruction for Students with Disabilities”

Guzlowski, Lillian Calendrillo: ”Students with Dual Exceptionalities: Does K-12 Education Meet Their Needs?"

Deeds, Angela: "Risk, Families, and Interventions in Early Childhood Special Education"

Burns, Twila "Facilitating Inclusion: A Team-Approach"

Murtagh, D.: "Investigating the Overrepresentation of Ethnic Minorities in Special Education"

Sandidge, H: "Prereferral Interventions: Past, Present, and Future Directions"

Vaughn, A.D.:"Food Allergies and Disabilities in Children"

Virgile, Callista B. "Assistive Technology: A Tool for Enhancing Classroom Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities"

Thomas-Jeremy, Jean.: "Facilitating successful inclusion at secondary schools in Dominica: A study of teachers' perspectives"

McDonnell, Shayla: "Implementation of Token Economies in School Settings"

Special Education Teachers: Issues and Challenges

Ridarick, Tara, and Ringlaben, Ravic: "Elementary Special Education Teachers’ Attitudes Regarding Inclusion"

Zost, Gregory: "Recruitment and Retention of Rural Special Educators"

Coughlin, D & Ringlaben, R.: High School Special Education Teacher retention: Does the type of certification make a difference?

Syndromes and other disorders

Boyd, S.: "Rett Syndrome"

Cruz, A.R.: "Asperger Syndrome and its Presence during the Adolescent Years"

Davis, V.: "Williams Syndrome"

Driscoll, Emily "Teaching Children with Epilepsy and Seizures: A Literature Review"

James, Rene "Emotional and Behavioral Disorders"

King, M.C.: "Reactive Attachment Disorder: A Review"

Scott, Jessica "Psychological Profiles Associated with Prader-Willi Syndrome"

McMahon, Yvonne.: "Auditory Processing Disorder (APD): Identification and Accurate Diagnostic Procedures


Bryant, J.: "Effective Instructional Practices to Prepare Secondary Students for Transitioning into a Postsecondary Setting: A Literature Review"

Nettles, Jessica L.: ”From Sheltered Workshops to Integrated Employment: A Long Transition”


Bargabos, Cindy: "Self-Monitoring in the Writing Process"

Zambia: Ed Williams' perspectives

A Day at School in Mpika

Christmas Adventure

Farming Adventure

Fresh Maize

Hunting and Today's Feast

Learning at Taonga Market


The editors acknowledge the significant work done by Julie Beyer in developing and organizing the subject index for the Journal and in processing manuscripts for volumes 3 and 4.