Total hours: 36

EDLS 609 Research Methods and Applications for Educational Leaders
EDLS 618 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
EDLS 603 Legal and Ethical Issues
EDLS 613 Fiscal and Resource Accountability
EDLS 623 Personnel
EDLS 643 The  Principalship*
(EDLS 615 may be substituted for this class for students not seeking PK-12 endorsement)
EDLS 646 Improving the School Structure and Climate
EDLS 653 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction
EDCI 690 Principles of Leadership
EDLS 698 Leadership Internship I
EDLS 699 Leadership Internship II
SPED 600 Survey of Special Education

*Note: EDLS 612-Contemporary Issues in Higher Education, EDLS 614 – History and Philosophy of Higher Education, and EDLS 615 – Higher Education Administration, can be substituted for certain specific classes for persons not seeking PK-12 endorsement with faculty advisor approval.

The focus of this program is the preparation of professionals for positions in school administration. All persons seeking initial licensure as a principal or assistant principal must pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) with a score of 163 points out of a possible 200.

Students receiving successful SLLA passing scores are not required to take the comprehensive exam. Candidates for licensure also must have completed at least 3 years of successful teaching.