School Curriculum

Total hours: 48

Note: Each course constitutes 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated.

Foundations (9 credit hours)

EDHD 602 Human Development
EDHD 609 Research Methods and Applications
COUN 660 Evaluation and Assessment

Specialization Requirements (39 credit hours)

SPED 600 Survey of Special Education
COUN 605 Counseling Theories and Techniques
COUN 610 Career Development
COUN 614 Counseling Techniques
COUN 616 School Counseling Practicum
COUN 620 Group Counseling Procedures and Techniques
COUN 625 Professional Identity and Function of School Counselors
COUN 630 Marriage and Family Counseling
COUN 665 Cross-Cultural Counseling
COUN 699 Counseling Internship (6 credit hours)
A full-time supervised counseling experience totaling 600 hours in a school setting.
Elective (3 credit hours)