School Counseling Program

The school counseling program will prepare you to become a highly skilled school counselor who can meet the K-12 guidelines required by the Virginia Department of Education.

The curriculum places special emphasis on:

  • Counseling
  • Consultation skills
  • Guidance curriculum development
  • Coordination of guidance program components

Our program includes preparation and development for:

Elementary school level

  • Skills for meeting the needs of young children
  • Strategies for developing programs that are infused into the total educational process and serve the total school community

Middle school level

  • Professional preparation focusing on the unique needs of middle school-age students
  • Skills for working with groups
  • Skills to function as a school team member
  • Skills to consult with teachers and parents

High school level

  • Emphasis on understanding the secondary school student
  • Skills in individual and group counseling, working with families, providing career development experiences, assisting students in meeting developmental challenges and decisions

School Specialization Planning Sheet

Program Advisor

Dr. Jeanne Booth

"The faculty provided me with extensive support from beginning to graduation. I was impressed with their level of experience and knowledge about the school counseling field and how they applied that to their instruction."
John Thomas '07, professional school counselor