MBA Courses

MBA 600 Advanced Business Principles (6)
This course covers key concepts in accounting, economics, statistics, and other business disciplines. Special attention is given to developing analytical tools and knowledge in support of the MBA curriculum.

MBA 602 Organizational Behavior and Management (3)
Managers are confronted by new challenges created by the global economy, pressures to improve performance, and demands to produce more with less. Students will learn how organizations operate as systems through diverse strategies. Materials are drawn from a range of perspectives including management, organizational psychology, and sociology. The course will integrate these perspectives and stress their application to organizations.

MBA 607 Managerial Accounting (3)
Prerequisite: ACCT 202 or MBA 600. A study of management techniques as they relate to business problems. Emphasis is placed on the management control structure and management control process within organizations. Consideration is given to types of responsibility centers, performance evaluation, planning, and budgeting.

MBA 608 Managerial Economics (3)
Prerequisite: MBA 600. A study of the use of economic theory in management decision-making. Emphasis is placed on marginal analysis, practical use of economic theory, and regression analysis. Demand and supply, cost analysis, economic forecasting, and pricing policies are important areas of study covered.

MBA 609 Marketing Management (3)
A study of the important role of marketing in today's organizations and marketing's relation to other functions. Strategic marketing thinking is promoted through an understanding of the contemporary marketing theories guiding marketing management's decisions. These theories and strategies address the importance of facilitating an organization's internal and external relationships while emphasizing the creation of mutual value in an ever-changing business environment. Strategic marketing thinking, analytical skills, and decision-making abilities are developed through readings, analyzing real-world cases, in-class discussions, and/or consulting projects.

MBA 611 Managerial Finance (3)
Prerequisites: MBA 607, MBA 608. A study of corporate financial structure, sources of capital, cash forecasting, short-term borrowing versus long-term capital acquisition, capital expenditure budgeting, and related financial matters.

MBA 651 Production and Operations Management (3)
Prerequisite: MBA 600. A tool-skills course that examines basic production systems. The course includes linear regression, forecasting, linear programming, transportation models, inventory models, scheduling techniques, and other applications of quantitative analysis.

MBA 657 Management Information Technology (3)
An up-to-date, management-oriented overview of computer application and information systems from the perspective of a business professional. The course focuses on competitive uses, impact of information systems on individuals and organizations, alternative methods for building systems, factors leading to successful system implementation, and threats and risks associated with information systems.

MBA 671 Innovation and Change (6)
Prerequisites: MBA 602, MBA 607, MBA 608, MBA 609. This course will provide students with the opportunity to explore the different dimensions of innovation and change in an interdisciplinary framework. The course will bring together various themes developed throughout the program, thus providing for, and enhancing, curricular cohesion.

MBA 690 Global Business Competition and Strategy (3)
Prerequisite: All required core courses. This is an analytic course designed to apply knowledge and skills learned from different courses through cases and a single integrative exercise. Team presentations are required.