Master of Arts in Music

If you are a choral or instrumental conducting professional, our intensive MA in music program will provide you with advanced, in-depth training to further develop your skills and prepare you for doctoral programs in conducting.

The program is offered for 6 weeks in the summer and can be completed in 4 summers or 3 summers and one academic year.

Dr. Jong Kim
Dr. Jong Kim, professor of music and program director

Our 36-hour program includes:

  • Emphasis on choral/instrumental conducting skills and stylistic awareness
  • Practical training in conducting
  • Instrumental and choral/vocal pedagogy
  • Performance practices, score preparation, rehearsal techniques, applied music
  • Graduate recital and comprehensive exam

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Program Director

Dr. Jong Kim


Katie Pyles talks about the conducting program


"LC's program is one of only a few summer programs in the U.S. that allows me to continue to work full time during the school year while pursuing an advanced degree."
Antonis Ververis, public school music teacher and conductor of two adult choirs in Greece