Why Pursue an MA in History

The Value of an MA in History for You

Are you an educator? The MA in history is an excellent way to increase your content area knowledge.

School districts and state departments of education are placing an increased emphasis on this knowledge and are providing incentives and rewards to teachers for pursuing the MA in content areas.

Is teaching in a college your goal? The MA in many ways still provides the best educational preparation for community college teachers.

Should you wish to pursue further education and teach in a 4-year college or university, our MA program also offers rigorous training in research and historiography that will well qualify you for entering a PhD program.

Is your interest in public history? If you are currently practicing public history at a museum or historical site, or if you hope to do so in the future, the MA in history will enhance your knowledge of primary sources and of the latest historical interpretations and provide opportunities for research and publication to complement your professional duties.

Do you have a passion for history? You will also find great personal fulfillment in the pursuit of the MA as you nurture your love of history and explore new historical perspectives.

History is still the most comprehensive discipline for the study of the human condition. Its investigation of change over time allows you to reflect on where we have been and where we are heading.