The Program

Program Overview

  • As a student in our program you take 3 core seminars (in general historiography, Atlantic World historiography, and research methods), and choose 2 of the regions of the Atlantic World on which to focus, completing a seminar on each of these regions.
  • You have the choice of completing the capstone requirement for the MA degree by either taking comprehensive examinations focused on these 2 areas or by writing a master's thesis on a topic involving one or more of the areas.
  • Electives on diverse topics - such as gender relations, international relations, geography, and public history - round out the program.
  • You also have the opportunity to do independent study with an individual professor to pursue in-depth research on a topic of special interest to you, and you can do an internship for credit at one of a number of local historical sites.

Total Hours: 36

Required Courses 9

HIST 601 Seminar in Research Methods for Historians
HIST 602 Historiography
HIST 603 Atlantic World

Area Courses 6-12

HIST 610 Seminar in European History
HIST 611 Seminar in United States History
HIST 612 Seminar in the History of Africa and the African Diaspora
HIST 613 Seminar in Latin American History

Electives 12-21

HIST 620 The United States and the World
HIST 621 Women in the Americas
HIST 622 Age of Exploration and Imperialism
HIST 630 Seminar in Public History
HIST 670 Independent Study in History
HIST 675 Special Topics in History
HIST 680 Internship in History
HIST 690 Thesis
ENVS 680 Applied Geography

Capstone Requirement

Each candidate will complete the capstone requirement by completing a thesis or comprehensive exam:

  • Thesis: Completion and oral defense of a significant work of original historical research and writing on a topic to be selected in consultation with the thesis advisor.
  • Comprehensive examination: The candidate must receive a passing grade on an comprehensive examination with written and oral components.

Additional Competency Requirement

To earn the MA in history, you must demonstrate a reading knowledge of a language other than English or competence in statistics or computer science as a research tool. These options are subject to departmental approval. Please contact the program director for further information.