The Atlantic World

Our MA program is special in that it is focused on a major theme: The Atlantic World.

It explores the inter-connections among the major fields of Atlantic history - U.S., European, African, African American, and Latin American. This theme is on the cutting edge of historical research and teaching today as historians become more and more aware of the rich insights to be gained by viewing the Atlantic World as an interconnected whole.

Dr. Clifton Potter and Dr. Dorothy Bundy Potter have been teaching courses in Atlantic World at Lynchburg College for almost 2 decades, and our graduate faculty includes specialists currently publishing research on each of the 4 major regions of the Atlantic World. They will orient you to the most recent debates and interpretations and guide you as you delve into the primary sources and engage in your own individual research projects.

The Atlantic World focus provides excellent content area enhancement for secondary educators teaching European, U.S., and World history.