Master of Arts in History

Master of Arts in history candidates will focus on the Atlantic World and explore the interrelatedness of US, European, African, African American, and Latin American histories.

This unique program of study specifically benefits teachers, individuals seeking to update content areas for K-12 or community college classes, and those planning to pursue a PhD in history.

Dr. Nicole Sanders
Dr. Nichole Sanders, program director, researches political legitimacy, state formation, gender issues, and economic development in Mexico and Latin America.

Our 36-hour program includes:

Classes are held in the late afternoon and evening, and during the summer terms.

Research and Scholarship

Graduate Admission

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Program Director

Dr. Nichole Sanders

What can you do with a MA in History?

MA in History graduates are working in a variety of fields including teaching in K-12 and community colleges, academic advising, non-profit organizations, museums, and marketing. Others are pursuing PhD programs.

Tim Matthews

"The MA in History Program has transformed the way that I teach history. Now, instead of just teaching simple facts and concepts, I challenge my students to use critical thinking when looking at the past and engage them higher academic discussions that address the larger issues that shaped history."
Tim Matthews '12