Westover Alumni Society Weekend

Westover Alumni Society Weekend for the class of 1929 to 1970 kicked off with a "Back to Class" treat. Drs. Clifton '62 and Bundy '64 Potter treated Westover Alumni to "The Golden Era, 1945-1970."

The Alumni spent much of the day at Claytor Nature Study Center enjoying the vistas, learning about the proposed Eco-Village from Director Greg Eaton, eating lunch, and reminiscing.

The Class of 1966 visited the home of Sim and Helen Hebb Stidham '66 in downtown Lynchburg, while all alumni were invited to a reception in the Memorial Ballroom.

The Ad Astra Trio, ARS Nova Quintet, Con Brio Quintet, and Saxophone Quartet + 1 performed for Westover Alumni Friday evening.