Circulation Services and Policies

A valid college I.D. card is required to check out any materials. While the ordinary loan period is 28 days, faculty may borrow materials for a semester, subject to recall after fourteen days should it be required by another patron. Materials may be renewed for one semester anytime during the first borrowing period, after which time they must be returned. The loan period for videocassettes is seven days. The loan period is 14 days for compact discs and audio books. If a longer loan period is required, desk personnel should be advised and permission will need to be granted by a librarian.

All materials should be returned and/or renewed at the end of each semester. The (LC) ² system will prohibit the loan of materials to delinquent borrowers. Faculty and staff are not assessed fines but will be billed the replacement cost of materials 30 days past due.

I.D. cards are not transferable. If you need to have a student check out items for you, send your card and a note of authorization with the student. Students should not be asked to check out materials for you on their card. Students will be assessed fines for all overdue material checked out to them. Never loan your I.D. card to anyone unaffiliated with the College. The Library will not honor loans to those individuals. Family members may obtain their individual I.D. card through the Personnel Office. Please see the section entitled Services to Faculty Spouses and Dependents for more information.

Confidentiality of Library Records

Library registration and circulation records are confidential and library personnel will not reveal the name of the person to whom an item is checked out. Confidentiality of records is guaranteed by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Cited in the Code of Virginia 2.1-342, official records excluded from inspection include "Library records which can be used to identify both i) any library patron who has borrowed material from a library and ii) the material such patron borrowed." Nothing in this statement, however, prevents the use of such records by authorized library personnel in the performance of his or her routine duties.

Recreational Learning

The Library recognizes the need for students and faculty to engage in recreational learning. Thus, a collection of current fiction and nonfiction books is available for your review and use in the reference area. There is also an extensive collection of classical and popular music recordings as well as videos located in the Capron wing on the first floor.



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