Historic Sandusky

Historic Sandusky
Historic Sandusky offers two internships that provide you the opportunity to work closely with Executive Director Greg Starbuck on organizing the museum’s collections, researching details of the home and its occupants, and interacting with the public. Historic Sandusky is an excellent history museum and historic home dedicated to interpreting Lynchburg life during the American Civil War and the 19th century.

The C.W. Seay Internship at the Lynchburg City Museum
This internship involves evaluating the uncategorized document collection of C. W. Seay, the first African American to serve on Lynchburg City Council and Principal of Lynchburg's Dunbar High School during integration. Working at the Lynchburg City Museum, you will help organize the collection and provide a finding aid for future scholars.

Public History Intern at the Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox, Va.
As an intern at the Museum of the Confederacy, you will gain valuable experience in public history, teaching, and developing curriculum to meet the Virginia education system standards of learning. You will be responsible for developing at least two programs for visiting school groups – one to help students learn about important leaders from the Civil War era and another to focus on Virginia during Reconstruction. In both projects, you will be responsible for knowing the Virginia Standards of Learning and developing materials to meet those standards. You must have completed History 303, History 333, or History 347 at Lynchburg College to be eligible for this internship.