Requirements for Academic Credit

You are required to:

  1. Learn the registration procedures and be responsible for meeting all registration requirements, including timely tuition payments and internship credit registration, as necessary
  2. Have a QPA above 2.25
  3. Be a junior or senior (rising juniors may complete an internship during the summer before their junior year)
  4. Research and apply to the desired internship site
  5. Secure a faculty supervisor and be willing to discuss personal career goals and placement interests with him or her
  6. Develop, with both the faculty supervisor and site supervisor, your goals and responsibilities for your internship
  7. Write your resume (help is available in Academic and Career Services)
  8. Make initial contact and arrange an interview at the desired internship site
  9. When at the internship site, perform all duties and responsibilities in a professional manner
  10. Complete Contracts I and II, with both the site supervisor and the faculty supervisor, by deadlines
  11. Complete Mid-term Evaluations halfway through the internship in consultation with site supervisor
  12. Turn in both student and site supervisor Final Evaluations by the end of the semester or term
  13. Arrange your transportation to/from your internship