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What is Reaffirmation?

Reaffirmation occurs every 10 years for SACSCOC member institutions. The result is a "reaffirming" that the College continues to be in compliance with the SACSCOC membership requirements as detailed in The Principles of Accreditation: Foundation for Quality Improvement (copy available from SACSCOC website).

Reaffirmation consists of 2 parts:

  1. Compliance Certification
    Descriptions and evidence that the College is doing the things we agreed to do as a member of SACSCOC - document compliance with each of the standards in The Principles of Accreditation
  2. Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
    A comprehensive plan designed to improve student learning outcomes in a specific mission-related area

Timeline for Reaffirmation

Ongoing - Preparation
September 2013 - Submission of Compliance Certification
December 2013 - Submission of Quality Enhancement Plan
Spring 2014 - On-site visit by SACSCOC team
December 2014 - Decision on reaffirmation by SACSCOC

Reaffirmation Leadership Team

Dr. Kenneth Garren, President
Dr. Julius Sigler, VP and Dean of Academic Affairs
Mr. Steve Bright, VP of Business and Finance
Dr. Dan Lang, Professor of Political Science
Dr. Deborah Driscoll, VP for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Key Contributors to Reaffirmation Preparation

Faculty, staff, and students will assist in the development of a Quality Enhancement Plan and in the examination of the College's operations relative to the standards of SACSCOC in The Principles for Accreditation to prepare the Compliance Certification.

Key Contributors