QEP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes:


Date QEP Discussions
3/30/2010 QEP Steering Team - initial meeting
10/12/2010 Strategic Planning Team - QEP presentation
11/10/2010 Open faculty forum - QEP idea generation
11/17/2010 All staff meeting - QEP presentation
11/17/2010 Open meeting - student/staff QEP idea generation
11/17/2010 Open faculty meeting - QEP idea generation
1/12/2011 QEP Faculty discussion and data review
1/26/2011 Debrief from SACSCOC annual meeting- QEP ideas
8/19/2011 EDHD meeting - discussion of possible QEP topics by faculty
8/25/2011 Connection Leader (Students) meeting - student learning data presentation by Dr. Laurent as background for QEP
Oct/Feb/April Alumni Board meetings - student data updates Dr. Nomyle
Oct 2010/Feb 2011 Board of Trustees and Educational Programs Committee meetings
Sept 2011 Change to Ms. Sierra Spicer appointed to serve on QEP Steering Committee to replace May 2011 graduate, Shannon Stubbs
9/2/2011 QEP discussion of Writing as QEP topic at Faculty Meeting
10/7/2011 Proposal for Writing as topic - Discussion item by Faculty
10/25/2011 QEP Open Meeting - Schewel 231 at 4 p.m.
11/2/2011 QEP Open Meeting - Schewel 231 at 10 a.m.
11/4/2011 Faculty Meeting: Endorsed a QEP focus on learning outcomes for writing to include critical thinking
1/11/2012 Faculty Open Meeting to discuss QEP- Schewel 232 9:00 am-1:30 pm
1/25/2012 QEP update for School of Humanities and Social Sciences