Wireless Network Access for College-owned Houses

All College-owned houses, with the exception of 3 houses on College Drive, have high-speed wireless access to the Lynchburg College network.

Students living in the college houses will need a wireless network card for either their desktop or laptop computer. Many of the newer laptops have wireless network capabilities already, so please check your laptop before purchasing one.

Wireless network cards for desktops and older laptops range in cost from $50 - $100. The wireless network card you purchase should support the 802.11b or 802.11g (or both) wireless standard.

We do not recommend using a USB wireless network adapter in either desktop or notebook/laptop computers. Experience has shown them to have inferior signal strength and lower reliability in working with the College's network.

Note that network registration is required for all computers connecting to the College network in residence halls, college houses, wireless access areas, and public areas with network access. This is done to ensure network security and to prevent the spread of viruses and spyware on the College network.