Telephone Services

Lynchburg College will provide you quality telephone services in your residence hall room, at no cost for local calling services and very cost-effective long distance rates. If you would like to request telephone service in your room, please click here for the telephone services request form.

Basic Local Service

The basic telephone service at Lynchburg College provides a line to your room for your personal use. Standard features of the Lynchburg College telephone service include:

  • Ability to receive calls
  • Ability to place calls to local destinations
  • Four-digit dialing to all College system extensions
  • Basic voice mail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting

The College does not provide telephones for student rooms. The persons occupying a room or an apartment and want telephone service must furnish their own touch-tone telephone.

Authorization Code

Lynchburg College will issue you a nine-digit authorization code. You will use this code for long distance calls. It is your responsibility to keep this code safe (sharing of this code is prohibited).

If the authorization code is compromised, immediately change it by calling Campus Safety and Security by dialing "0" to report the problem. You will not be liable for misuse of the authorization code once you notify us by phone and follow up in writing within 24 hours to Telephone Services located in the lower level of Carnegie.

Long Distance

Your authorization code will be validated when a long distance call is placed. To place a direct-dial long distance call, you dial   # + 1 + (area code) + (number) + (authorization code)

Direct dial state-to-state calls made through the campus system will be charged at various competitive rates based on the day of the week and time of the day. Direct dial tolls which are not covered are: directory assistance, international calls, and any call carried by Verizon (calls within the Local Access Transport Area). Lynchburg College restricts calls to 900 numbers and 10-10 access. The College does not provide a means for accepting "collect" calls.

Operator Assisted Calls

Operator assisted calls are handled by Verizon if you dial 0 + the number. If you have previously set up an account with an alternate long distance company, you may use that carrier for operator handled calls (i.e., credit card, collect, person-to-person, etc.) by dialing that company's 1+800 number. Lynchburg College Telecommunications does not participate in establishing or billing such accounts.

Dialing Instructions

Emergency calls: public safety: dial 5555

Within the College system: dial 4-digit extension

Local calls: dial 3 + XXX- XXXX

For the following calls, you must enter your authorization code after you dial the number.

Long distance calls: dial 3 + 1 + (XXX) + XXX-XXXX+ (LC Authorization Code)

International: dial # + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number + (LC Authorization Code)

Credit card/calling card: (follow instructions on card) Dial 3 + 1 + 800 + XXX-XXXX + (LC Authorization Code) + Calling Card Code #'s

Directory assistance: long distance: Dial 3 + 1 + Area Code + 555-1212 + (LC Authorization Code)

Harassing / Abusive Calls

If you are receiving harassing phone calls, please contact Campus Safety and Security at Extension "0." We will assist you in such matters at once.

Monthly Billing

Long distance cost statements are available per request from Telephone Services. Calls are posted monthly on, or about, the 16th of each month.

Payment in full is due in the College's Cashier's Office, 4th floor of Hall Campus Center, within 10 days of the billing cycle ending date appearing on the statement.

If you fail to pay your balance in full within the first 10 days after the billing cycle, a late fee of 1.5% will be added to your periodic statement balance. We may revoke the Authorization Code or terminate your account if your balance remains unpaid for 45 days. After 60 days, an unpaid balance is considered in default. If you are in default on your payments, we will take action described in the Lynchburg College Student Handbook (the "Hornet") as appropriate for delinquent accounts.

Delinquent payments or non-payment will result in loss of long distance service, blocked registration, withheld transcripts, or other collection action.

To avoid any of the above consequences, payment must be received by the Cashier by the due date. If the due date is near, hand-carry your payment to the Cashier to avoid a late charge.

Payment of Monthly Bills

Please write your Lynchburg College Student ID number on your check, money order, etc., to ensure proper posting. Do not put your personal authorization code on your payment.

Cash, checks (personal and travelers), money orders, VISA, MASTERCARD and Discover are all accepted for payment. Do not send cash through the mail!

Billing Inquiries

If you have any questions about charges, please call the Cashier's Office (extensions 8246 or 8217) within 10 days of the billing date. If the investigation concludes that the call(s) were fraudulent, the account holder will not be liable for payment of the charge(s) and credit will be issued.

Customer Repair Service & Questions

If your telephone is not working, please test it (be sure to test the line cord, too) by trying it on another telephone jack. If the phone works correctly, then call extension 8350 for assistance.

If the problem is in your phone, you must arrange for repair with the seller of the equipment or another repair service. The College does not repair or service privately owned telephone equipment. Lynchburg College Telephone Services will repair our lines and equipment at no charge, but a fee will be assessed for user-caused damages.

If you have any questions or repair needs, please call Information Technology & Resources at ext. 8350.