Email on Smartphones

Setting up Lynchburg College email on smartphones

The following information is needed:

  • Account type is Microsoft Exchange
  • Incoming and outgoing LC mail server:
    Faculty/Staff –
    Students –
  • Domain name: Lynchburg-edu;
    Username is network login name, usually lastname_firstinitial
    Example – lynchburg-edu\lastname_FI
  • LC email address
    Faculty/Staff example –
    Student example –
  • SSL certificate authentication is not required. Uncheck the box that says USE SSL.
  • Blackberry Users – LC does NOT have an Enterprise Server; use the alternate option to setup email.

NOTE: Because Smartphones are personally owned and funded devices, Information Technology & Resources does not provide support for them beyond what is provided above. If you need assistance setting up your email or other configuration options, please refer to your cell phone manufacturer’s technical support.