Residential Closure During a Crisis

In the case of a crisis, the College emergency planning team will make a decision as to whether or not to close campus.

If campus is closed, all residential facilities (residence halls, courts, townhouses, Peaksview apartment, and all College owned houses) will be closed. Flyers, emails, and the website will communicate instructions to students. Campus housing will be vacated within 48 hours.

As time is allotted, students should plan to take only the most necessary items: ID documents, cash/credit cards, cell phone (immediate departure); water, snacks, medication, hygiene items (departure within a few hours); personal computer, clothing (departure within more than 6 hours).

Leaving Campus: Traffic

In the case of a campus closing, a traffic flow is needed to prevent delay and back-up. Therefore, the following exodus plan has been created for students:

Students in the McWane-Frack Complex:

  • All students leaving McWane, Freer, and Shackelford Halls (McFrack) will exit the campus through the main entrance onto Lakeside Drive. The road directly behind McFrack will be converted into one-way traffic. The direction will be a right turn out of the parking lot and out of the main entrance. Students with cars parked in the parallel spots behind the residence halls will be asked to move, and students will drive counter clockwise around the parking lot for entrance and exit purposes.

Students in Townhouses, Peaksview, and Courts:

  • All students leaving campus from the townhouses, Peaksview, and the Courts will leave via College Street or McCausland. Exit via the road behind McWane, Freer, and Shackelford Halls will not be permitted.

Students residing in College-owned houses:

  • All students living in College-owned houses will exit the campus in the most convenient direction, relevant to their residence. These students will not be permitted to cut through campus for any reason.

Students in Hundley, Tate, and Montgomery:

  • All traffic will be one way entering at the Alumni/Burton hill and exiting onto College Drive. Cars will be given the choice to turn right toward Vernon Street or left to exit onto Lakeside Drive. Students will be permitted to temporarily park and load their car for a maximum of 15 minutes before departing.

Exodus Plan- Volunteers

In order to accommodate the departure of students, volunteers will be needed to assist in the implementation of this plan. Security will take the lead with blocking roads for one-way traffic. However, we will need faculty and/or staff located around campus in key areas. Based on current job descriptions and need in terms of a crisis, we will request the assistance of the following offices in times of crisis requiring departure:

  1. Development
  2. Enrollment
  3. Residence Life
  4. Student Activities

Remaining Students Policy

All students, with the exception of International Students, will be required to leave campus within the pre-determined timeline. All other students that need to stay will only be allowed to do so with permission from the director of Residence Life. The time frame for students being allowed to stay on campus will change depending on the crisis situation and why the campus has been closed. In the case of pandemic flu, the College has determined that the recess will last approximately twelve weeks, as determined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). 

Students staying on campus in the case of a closure will be required to follow all instructions provided by the Office of Residence Life. Once a student leaves the campus for any reason, in the case of  pandemic flu, he/she will be banned from campus until the crisis is over. There can be no exceptions to this policy. Any student causing disruptions while staying on campus will also be required to leave immediately.