Laundry Service on Campus

All residence halls and apartment-style residences on campus and some of the College-owned houses have laundry facilities. A special card is required to use the laundry machines. The card costs $10 and includes a $7 value. The cost per wash and dry is $1.25 each per load.

Important Information About the Machines

Our laundry service provider, Caldwell & Gregory, has installed high efficiency "front load" washers and dryers in all laundry rooms, and these washers work differently from top load models.

The washers require a lot less soap!
Use only liquid HE-type detergent. Look for this symbol on the bottle when purchasing your detergent: Logo High Efficiency
Follow the manufacturer's directions for the correct amount of detergent to use.

  • Soap and liquid fabric softener go into the dispenser - not directly on the clothing.
  • The door will lock approximately 30 seconds after the cycle starts and WILL NOT unlock until after the cycle completes. Do not try to open the door while the washer is running!
  • You will need a laundry card to use the machines.

Laundry Tips:

  • Read and follow directions on all clothing labels.
  • Empty your pockets of all items! If left in your pockets, items such as pens and lip balm may damage your clothing.
  • Sort your clothes into at least light and dark colors.
  • Pre-treat any stains you may have with a pre-treat product.
  • Use only liquid HE-type detergent.
  • Use the correct part of the soap dispenser for both the detergent and liquid fabric softener.
  • One washer load = One dryer load.
  • Empty the dryer's lint filter after each use.

Purchasing a Laundry Card

If you pre-purchase a card through Caldwell & Gregory prior to August 1, your card should be distributed to you during check-in.

If you do not pre-purchase, cards can be purchased on campus at the Add Value Station located next to the ATM machine on the lower level of the Burton Student Center.

Please note: You cannot purchase a card online; however, you can add funds to an existing card online.

Registering and Re-loading Your Laundry Card

Register Your Card

  • Go to and select the "Revalue Your Card" link.
  • Create a profile by clicking on "Register your Card" and follow the directions.
  • Write down your selected password for future access.
  • Enter 535763 when asked for location code.
  • Your serial number is located on the back of the laundry card.
  • When finished, click the "Register" icon and you are good to go!

Purchase Card Value - Getting a "Load it" Code

  • Go to and select the "Revalue Your Card" link.
  • Log in using the password you selected when registering your card.
  • In the green "Manage my Card" box, click on "Revalue my Card."
  • Enter your payment information (we accept bank/credit cards). You will receive a 6-digit Revalue Code (shown in red) on your receipt page.
  • Either print the receipt page or write this code down for your records. You will need it to put the funds on your laundry card.
  • To make your next visit as efficient as possible, register your financial data when prompted. This site is secure!

In the Laundry Room - Adding Value to your Card

  • Be sure to bring your laundry card and your 6-digit Revalue Code with you when you visit the laundry room.
  • Insert your laundry card in one of the Revalue Stations located in Burton Student Center (next to the ATM) and in the following laundry rooms: Tate 3, Montgomery 3, McWane A, and Rainsford.
  • Enter the amount you purchased on our website ($20/$30/$50) and press the green ENTER key.
  • Enter the six-digit Revalue Code and press the green ENTER key.
  • Remove the card when prompted. The new value is now added to your card and you are ready to start doing laundry!


If you have any problems with the machines or laundry cards, please contact Caldwell & Gregory at 800.927.9274 or send an email to

Add Value Station Location:

Burton Student Center (next to ATM)

Code-based Revalue Station Locations:

Burton Student Center (next to ATM), and the following laundry rooms: Tate 3, Montgomery 3, McWane A, and Rainsford Townhouse.