What Faculty Say About Westover

Westover Honors students and faculty fall 13
Westover Honors induction ceremony, Parents and Family Weekend, fall 2013

"The Westover Honors Program has a very distinctive place on campus. Beginning in their freshman year, the students form deep ties with one another, both through the academic program and beyond. The depth of these relationships is remarkable. They are comfortable with each other, they encourage each other academically, and they share their mutual successes. The classroom environment is delightful. Students are open, they are remarkably articulate verbally, and they love to make connections between their classroom assignments and other knowledge they’ve retained, both contemporary and historical. They are curious and responsible – a wonderful combination! Beyond the Westover program, these students are active, engaged individuals who contribute greatly to student life at LC. Many assume leadership positions in student organizations; they enjoy volunteer and sports activities. They truly are well-rounded young adults."

-Naomi Amos, MM
Instructor, Westover Honors Program


"Honor students are ideal. I find them engaged and, most important, open to new ideas and subject matter. My students have been willing to work hard, and to 'bring something to the table' for class work and discussions. Often their ideas can encourage other students. Our Westovers -- with their challenging program -- come up with questions and insights that make teaching them a pleasure!"

-Brown Cardwell, PhD
Assistant Professor, Westover Honors Program


"Teaching Westover Symposia gives me the opportunity to join with engaged students on a shared voyage of intellectual discovery. The seminar format, small class size, and the varied majors and academic experiences of the students create a rich conversation. Because Westover students already know and respect each other, the class quickly becomes a strong and mutually supportive community dedicated to the joint creation of insight and knowledge."

-Heidi Koring, MAT
Director of Academic Advising
Instructor, Westover Honors Program


"I think the Westover program provides a wonderful environment for developing our students and helping them reach their full potential. The students in the program reap the benefit of being in challenging courses with similar students, creating a smaller community within the campus. They also fan out through the larger community, in different majors, in clubs and teams, and in other programs, contributing their energy and intellect for the benefit of everyone. It has been a pleasure to teach the Westovers, who as a group are very smart, hard-working, and engaged with the material. They teach me while I am teaching them."

-Beth Packert, JD
Instructor, Westover Honors Program


"The main reason I enjoy teaching for Westover is that I get to hang out with the smartest kids. Teaching requires a professor to think in terms of stages and levels. Is my class introductory or advanced? Can my students handle this? Are they prepared? My experiences in Westover have taught me that all of the students can handle anything I throw at them. What’s even better is that they throw challenges back at me too. I also enjoy teaching for Westover because I can be truly interdisciplinary. While my department covers a fairly wide area, when I’m with Westover, I feel like I have a huge academic field to play on. I have the utmost respect for Westover. I believe that it offers a home for our best and brightest."

-Michael Robinson, PhD
Associate Professor, Communication Studies


"We forget, as a culture, that the best learning is collaborative. In Westover we try to promote a mature collegiality, a conversation among unlike minds that, at its best, encourages both reasoned agreement and courteous disagreement. Such a conversation does not come easily to strangers, so any program that brings diverse minds together in this way is a gain for everyone--and the very existence of that kind of intellectual cooperation stands as a model within the larger college. The best thing about teaching in Westover is the rapport, the camaraderie among both fellow faculty and students, a sense that we're all still learning, and learning together."

-Tracey Lee Simmons, MA
Instructor, Westover Honors Program


"The Westover Honors program, through its focus on interdisciplinarity, provides students the opportunity to integrate and synthesize what they have learned across general and specialized curricula. The Westover Fellows by virtue of their intellectual curiosity, academic motivation and willingness to engage in discourse stimulate the intellectual life of the entire College."

-Barbara Rothermel, PhD
Director, Daura Gallery
Assistant Professor of Museum Studies

Lesley Friedman

"Westover Honors students play a central role in the intellectual and community life of the college."

- Dr. Lesley Friedman, Professor of Philosophy


Dan Lang

"For me, Westover Fellows
are marked by their engagement—with course material, with faculty, and with the broader Lynchburg College community."

- Dr. Daniel Lang, Professor of Political Science (shown here with students)