Volume 8, 2013

Atwater, Annette D.: “Effects of Journaling to Decrease Repetitive Questioning of Individuals with High-Functioning Autism” (PDF)

Bailey, Jenevieve; Gunter, Sharron J.; Thomas, Lisa J.D.; and Thompson, Patrice: “The Role of Functional Skills Instruction” (PDF)

Booker, Brandi: “Behavioral Supports for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders” (PDF)

Deeds, Angela: “Risk, Families, and Interventions in Early Childhood Special Education” (PDF)

Guzlowski, Lillian Calendrillo: “Does K-12 Public Education Meet Their Needs?” (PDF)

Harvey, Michele: “Reading Comprehension: Strategies for Elementary and Secondary School Students” (PDF)

Mahlburg, Rebecca: “Reading and Students with Intellectual Disabilities” (PDF)

McDonnell, Shayla: “Implementation of Token Economies in School Settings” (PDF)

Nettles, Jessica L.: “From Sheltered Workshops to Integrated Employment: A Long Transition” (PDF)

Ridarick, Tara, and Ringlaben, Ravic: “Elementary Special Education Teachers’ Attitudes Regarding Inclusion” (PDF)

Worcester II, Gordon B.: “Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies for Individuals with Learning Disabilities: A Research Synthesis” (PDF)

Worcester II, Gordon B.: “Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Considerations for the Criminal Justice System” (PDF)

Yang, Lihua: “Self-Injury and Behavior Supports for People with Intellectual Disability” (PDF)