Volume 7, 2012

Special Issue: Research Perspectives on Education

Note from the Editor, Ed Polloway:

This volume is a special addition to the Lynchburg College Journal of Special Education. The contributions are all from the first doctoral cohort of Lynchburg College’s Leadership Studies program and are outgrowths of coursework related to disabilities in school, community, and higher education. I trust you will agree that the topics addressed within these manuscripts are indeed broad-based.

The papers all follow a somewhat standard format that differs from the traditional literature review. In that sense, the authors have all selected a topic within the disability field, provided an introduction and foundation, critically reviewed five research studies on the particular topic, discussed the nature of these findings within the context of the given area of study, and provided an analysis of implications for leadership.

While the nature of this assignment somewhat limits the scope of the literature reviews, the analyses within the structure allow for a more comprehensive review of both the nature of the studies conducted on the particular topic as well as the research methodology employed. I am pleased that these outstanding professionals have contributed these manuscripts to the Lynchburg College Journal of Special Education.


Bailey, Wendy: “Self-Determination and Culture: An Intervening Variable” (PDF)

Calvert, Lee Ann: “Effective Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities in Algebra” (PDF)

Calvert, Suzanne C.: “Students with Special Needs and Career and Technical Education” (PDF)

Douglas-Washington, Deidre: “Speech and Language Developmental Delays and Early Intervention Programs” (PDF)

Francis, Anthony: “Educating Students with Disabilities in Alternative Schools: Challenges and Opportunities for School Leaders” (PDF)

Gilbar, Charlotte R.: “Building Level Principals’ Roles in Special Education Teacher Retention” (PDF)

Hoisington, Edward A.: “Literature Review: Utilizing Handheld Devices in the Education of Students with Special Needs” (PDF)

Huskin, Amy: “Review of: Reading Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities” (PDF)

Lichiello, Paula C.: “Retention of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education” (PDF)

Overstreet, Tim: “Reading Disability and Mathematics Disability: Is There a Correlation?” (PDF)

Saechao, Luke: “Inclusion at the Secondary Level: Ensuring Factors for a Successful Co-teaching Program” (PDF)

Shearer, Lee: “A Review of the Literature Concerning the Implementation and Efficacy of Co-teaching as a Means for Meeting the Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities” (PDF)

Thomas, Lisa J.D.: “Writing Strategies and Older Students with Learning Disabilities” (PDF)

Thompson, Patrice A.: “Paraprofessional Training: Working with Students with Disabilities” (PDF)

Wells, William: “The Role of Transition Plans for High School Students with Disabilities” (PDF)