Volume 6, 2012

Cash, Deanna B.: “Academic Interventions for Students with ASD” (PDF)

Coughlin, D & Ringlaben, R.: “High School Special Education Teacher Retention: Does the type of certification make a difference?” (PDF)

McCorkle, Susan L.: “Decreasing Self-Injurious Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders” (PDF)

McCorkle, Susan L.: “Visual Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders” (PDF)

McMahon, Yvonne.: “Auditory Processing Disorder (APD): Identification and Accurate Diagnostic Procedures (PDF)

Menal, Venesta.: “Phonemic Awareness” (PDF)

Scott, Jessica R.: “Reading Comprehension Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities or Reading Difficulties in Grades 3-12: A Literature Review, 2006-2011″ (PDF)

Thomas-Jeremy, Jean.: “Facilitating Successful Inclusion at Secondary Schools in Dominica: A study of teachers’ perspectives” (PDF)

Weis, Marta.: “Autism – The Sensory Piece” (PDF)

Yang, Lihua.: “A Comprehensive Look of Social Studies Instruction: Seeking Effective Strategies” (PDF)