Volume 4, 2009

Beyer, Julie: “Strategies for Helping Struggling Readers Comprehend Expository Text” (PDF)

Bryant, Jennifer: “Effective Instructional Practices to Prepare Secondary Students for Transitioning into a Postsecondary Setting: A Literature Review” (PDF)

Field, Selina: “Video Modeling: An Effective, Evidence-Based Practice for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders” (PDF)

Jacobs, Kelley: “Defining Reading Disabilities: Multiple Deficits Behind One Problem” (PDF)

Martin, Gerin: “Transitioning Young Children from Early Childhood Special Education Programs to Kindergarten: A Literature Review” (PDF)

Scruggs, April: “Effective Reading Instruction Strategies for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities” (PDF)

Scruggs, April: “Rett Syndrome: Characteristics, Causes, and Treatment” (PDF)

Zost, Gregory: “Recruitment and Retention of Rural Special Educators” (PDF)