Volume 3, 2008

Special Issue: Perspectives on Zambia

Editor’s Note:

In this special issue of the Journal, we are pleased to present a series of essays written by F. Edward Williams, a 1973 BA and 1976 MEd graduate of Lynchburg College. As a special educator, Ed joined the Peace Corps and served two years in St. Lucia and was responsible for establishing the College’s ongoing partnership with that nation.

Subsequently he accepted a Peace Corps assignment to Mpika, Zambia. The essays included within this volume provide unique perspectives on life and education in this African nation. We trust that you will find them as interesting to read as we have.


A Day at School in Mpika (PDF)

Christmas Adventure (PDF)

Farming Adventure (PDF)

Fresh Maize (PDF)

Hunting and Today’s Feast (PDF)

Learning at Taonga Market (PDF)

Note: Mr. Williams retains copyright on each of these manuscripts. The manuscripts are included by permission.