Earth Science

This certificate program provides you the opportunity to complete an integrated sequence of coursework that is consistent with VDOE requirements for an add-on endorsement in earth science.

The program is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Secondary school teachers who already have an endorsement in one of the other sciences (biology, chemistry, or physics)
  • Teachers who are seeking to strengthen their background knowledge of earth science content
  • Individuals in the non-school sector seeking to advance their knowledge of scientific content and principles

Program Specifics


  • To enable teachers to complete the necessary coursework to add the earth science endorsement to their license
  • To equip teachers with the ability to develop experiential activities for stimulating student interest in, and increasing student knowledge of, earth and environmental science
  • To provide strong training across all earth science disciplines and to relate topics to local, national, and international issues

Pre-requisites: Undergraduate degree with relevant science foundational coursework and initial endorsement in another science discipline (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics).

Course requirements (18 credits):

The following 4 courses:

  • ENVS 645 Practical Meteorology
  • ENVS 660 Applied Geology
  • ENVS 665 Functional Oceanography
  • SCIE 610 Astronomy
Any 2 courses from the following:

  • ENVS 600 Concepts in Earth and Environmental Science
  • ENVS 631 Environmental Hydrology
  • ENVS 680 Applied Geography
  • BIOL 650 Water Quality

Further Degree Opportunities

Completion of the coursework for the Earth Science Certificate constitutes completion of 50% of the required coursework for the MEd in Science Education. To complete that degree program, you would also take an additional 9 credits of science coursework and 9 credits of education coursework in curriculum and instruction.