Graduate Catalog


2015-16 edition of the Graduate Catalog (PDF)

March 2015 edition of the Graduate Catalog (PDF)

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Section Contents
Table of Contents (PDF)
Calendar of Events (PDF)
Introduction (PDF) Mission
Academic Sessions
The Campus
General Information (PDF) Degree Programs
Graduate Certificate Programs
Non-Degree Programs
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (PDF)
Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies (PDF)
Master of Arts (PDF) English
Master of Business Administration (PDF)
Master of Education and Graduate Certificate Programs (PDF) Counselor Education Program
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
School Counseling
Advanced Counseling Certificate
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Leadership
Reading Programs
Literacy Studies Certificate
Science Education
Earth Science Graduate Certificate
Special Education
Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate
Young Children with Developmental Disabilities Certificate
Students with Significant Disabilities Certificate
Teacher Licensure Programs
Admission to Postgraduate Teaching Internships
Applying for a Teacher License
Approved Programs
Master of Science in Athletic Training (PDF)
Master of Science in Nursing Clinical Nurse Leaders
Physician Assistant Medicine (PDF) Master of Physician Assistant Medicine (MPAM)
Course Descriptions – Part 1 (PDF) Athletic Training
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Curriculum and Instruction
Education and Human Development
Educational Leadership
Course Descriptions – Part 2 (PDF) English
Environmental Science
Leadership Studies
Master of Business Administration
Course Descriptions – Part 3 (PDF) Nursing
Physican Assistant Medicine
Special Education
Teacher Licensure
Academic Regulations (PDF) Academic Load
Behavioral Standards for Learning Environments
Changing Degree Programs
Class Attendance
Comprehensive Examinations and Capstone Experiences
Dissertation Requirements for the EdD
Dropping or Adding Courses
Final Examinations
Grading System
Grade Review
Independent Studies
Leave of Absence
Quality Point Averages
Repetition of Courses
Retention in the Program: Academic Standards
Students’ Academic Creations
Transfer Credit
Withdrawal from College
Academic Services and Resources (PDF) Academic Advising
Campus Store
Career Services
Centers of Lynchburg College
Graduate Student Research Support
Health and Counseling Services
Information Technology and Resources
Library and Information Services
Office of the Registrar
Students with Disabilities
Teacher Licensure Services
Technology Usage Policy
Wilmer Writing Center
Written Complaints
Students’ Rights and Responsibilities (PDF) Honor and Student Conduct Codes and Regulations
Student Records: Practices, Rights, and Privacy
Drug Free Environment Statement
Motor Vehicles
Admission (PDF) Application Deadlines
Master’s Degree Programs
Second Graduate Degree Programs
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Leadership Studies (EdD)
Graduate Certificate Programs
Non-Degree Programs
International Students Admissions
Expenses (PDF) Tuition and Fees
Deferred Tuition Payment
Refund Policy
Refund Procedure
Financial Aid (PDF)
Faculty (PDF)
Administration (PDF)