Program Faculty

The following individuals serve as core faculty for the Leadership Studies program:

  • Jeanne D. Booth, BA, MEd, PhD
    Associate Professor of Counselor Education
  • Thomas Bowman, PhD, ATC, PES
    Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
  • Glenn H. Buck, BS, MEd, EdD
    Associate Professor of Special Education
  • Roger E. Jones, BS, MSE., EdD
    Professor and Chair of Leadership Studies
  • Daniel G. Lang, BA, MA, PhD
    Professor of Political Science
  • Mary Ann Mayhew, MEd, EdD
    Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies
  • Todd L. Olsen, BS, MS, MPH, PhD
    Professor Health Promotion
  • David Perault, BS, MS, PhD
    Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Environmental Science
  • Edward A. Polloway, BA, MEd, EdD
    Dean of Graduate Students, Professor of Education
  • Sally C. Selden, BA, MAPA, PhD, SPHR
    Professor of Management, Associat Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Jan Stennette, BS, MA, PhD
    Dean of School of Education and Human Development
  • Joseph H. Turek, BA, MPA, MA, PhD
    Dean of the School of Business and Economics
  • John C. Walker, BS, MEd, EdD
    Associate Professor, Chair of the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Paula J. Youra, BA, MA, PhD
    Professor of Communication Studies

In addition, the following faculty and staff serve on dissertation committees:

  • Gena Barnhill, BS, MA, PhD
    Associate Professor, Program Director for MEd in Special Education
  • Gail Brown, BS, MEd, EdD
    Associate Professor of Education and Human Development, Teacher Licensure Officer
  • Rich Burke, BA, MA, PhD
    Professor English
  • Deanna Cash, BS, MA, EdS, PhD
    Assistant Professor of English
  • Ellen Deluca, BSN, MSN, PhD
    Professor of Nursing
  • Deborah Driscoll, BS, MS, PhD
    Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Planning
  • Alisha Marciano, BA, MA, PhD
    Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Laura Marello, BA, MA, MFA
    Professor of English
  • David Murphy, PhD, CPA, CGFRM
    Professor of Accounting and Economic Crime, Chair of Department of Accounting
  • Maria Nathan, BA, MA, MA, PhD
    Professor of Management and Business Administration
  • Kevin Peterson, BS, MS, PhD
    Professor of Mathematics
  • Nichole Sanders, BA, MA, PhD
    Associate Professor of History, Director of MA in History
  • Edith Simms, BA, MEd, PhD
    Learning Resources Specialist
  • Stephen P. Smith, BS, MEd, EdD
    Associate Professor of Health & Physical Education
  • Bianca Sumutka, BA, MS, PhD
    Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Susan Thompson, BS, MEd, PhD
    Associate Professor and Program Director for MEd in Reading
  • Jeri Watts, BA, MEd, EdD
    Associate Professor of Human Development and Learning