Graduate Student Research Funding Guidelines

Send submissions by email to:

Grant Amount

The maximum conference travel grant is $500. Any considerations for requests for advances will be evaluated based only on long-distance travel with extraordinary costs. Non-travel requests should be clearly described and delineated.

Covered Travel Costs

Conference travel grants may only be used to cover the following items:

  • early conference registration fees (assuming students were notified of proposal acceptance in time for such registration)
  • registration fees at the level charged for student members (assuming the conference at which the presentation will be provided is the standard professional organization for which student scholarship have membership)
  • poster printing
  • transportation to/from meeting
  • lodging
  • food
  • ground transportation while attending the conference

Note: Students are expected to find the most reasonable and economical lodging and transportation. For instance, students are encouraged to share a room, and it is expected that students partake of meals provided (when applicable) as part of the conference rather than incurring additional expenses. Examples of non-covered expenses include: proposal submission and optional pre-conference fees, mailing expenses and Internet access while traveling.

Procedure for Awarding Funds

A request for funding should be emailed to The request will then be forwarded to the student research awards subcommittee of the Graduate Studies Committee. All requests should be submitted as follows:

Application Components

  1. Cover letter/e-mail briefly requesting support, identifying the research area, noting the date and the location for the presentation and indicating the requested total amount of support. Verification of eligibility according to the above guidelines
  2. Presentation abstract as submitted to the host conference
  3. Inclusion of the letter indicating acceptance for the presentation by the hosting conference
  4. Budget summarizing specific costs anticipated for the travel
  5. Modified application for non-travel expenses

Application Deadline

  1. Grants for travel from July 1 - June 30 are awarded on a quarterly basis throughout the academic year or until the funds for a given year are depleted.
  2. Students should apply up to two months prior to the conference whenever possible. Under no circumstances will approval for support be given retroactively if an application is submitted after the conference has begun.
  3. Approval can be considered for travel in a subsequent academic year (that is, after June 30), but no travel funds awarded for a presentation in a given year can be carried over into a subsequent year or transferred to a different presentation/conference.

Award Notification

Each student will receive an email notification when the committee meets, reviews proposals and either approves the application or is unable to approve the application.


Subsequent to participation in a conference, the appropriate travel form with full documentation of expenditures should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for review and approval. (Students can access the necessary travel expense forms on Moodle in the Resources for Graduate Students course under section 7-Graduate Student Research Forms.) Funds will be distributed to the student by the Business Office.


  • First preference will be given to students presenting at professional conferences as opposed to meetings specifically designed for graduate students.
  • Preference will be given to student applicants who are the primary author of the publication or presentation. This stipulation will not be a factor for consideration in disciplines in which conferences require faculty members to be senior authors on the presentation.
  • Approval of travel requests will be limited to one trip per student per fiscal year.
  • The student must possess a minimum graduate GPA of 3.50 based on at least two (2) semesters of graduate study.
  • Funding will not be provided to students employed as LC instructors or staff (this does not preclude graduate assistants).
  • Awards in a given cycle will be evaluated to ensure opportunities will be available across graduate studies disciplines.
  • The applicant must be registered for classes during the semester of his/her travel. If a student is traveling between semesters, he/she must also be registered for the semester following travel.
  • The request must be accompanied by evidence that the student's research has been accepted for presentation and also by an abstract of the research/scholarly work to be presented.