Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements for LC graduate programs?

What is the admission process?

Submit your application with the $30 application fee directly to Enrollment Services, or apply online (the application fee is waived). When your application file is complete, it is sent to the Admissions Committee for review. Notification of admission decision is sent to you in writing. Special processes are applicable for the DPT and PAM programs.


What does the enrollment committee consider when making admission decisions?

Grade point average (undergraduate), graduate coursework (if applicable), GRE or GMAT test scores (when required), letters of recommendation, writing samples, and a record of work experience are among the items the admission committee reviews. Specific requirements vary by program.


Where can I get information about the GRE and GMAT exams?

Websites which offer information on these exams are:



What types of financial aid are available?

See graduate financial aid


How can I apply for a graduate assistantship?

See graduate assistantships


Can I get housing and meals at LC?

Housing is available to graduate students on a limited space availability basis. Lynchburg College housing includes traditional on-campus residence halls, College apartments, and off-campus houses owned by the College.

Students can obtain a meal plan for the academic year which varies in cost depending upon the number of weekly meals on the plan. All students that live in College-owned housing must select one of the residential meal plans. There are also meal plans available for students living off-campus. Some of the graduate assistantships available at the College include both housing and a meal plan as part of the assistantship support.


I am an international student. How do I get further information about immigration status?

Immigration status for Lynchburg College is coordinated through the Office of Enrollment Services (1.800.426.8101) and the Office of International Students (Alex Akulli, International students are encouraged to begin the process of receiving a student visa well in advance of the projected time of enrollment.

Please also note that Lynchburg College will need verification that the coursework you have completed at the undergraduate level is equivalent to a bachelor's degree program in the United States. For further information on graduate studies for international students, visit the Graduate Studies international students page.


How can I get information about becoming licensed to teach?

For information about teacher licensure for persons who already have an undergraduate degree, call Dr. John Walker, program director for the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction Teacher Licensure Program, at 434.544.8032 to arrange an appointment or contact Dr. Gail Brown, LC's teacher licensing officer in the School of Education and Human Development, 434.544.8768.


How many transfer credits are allowed?

Lynchburg College's master's degree programs typically allow up to 6 credits to be transferred into a degree program. The initial decision to accept courses for transfer credit is made after degree admission by the academic advisor who recommends approval to the dean of the respective school and the Dean of Graduate Studies. A transfer credit request form is available from the Office of Graduate Studies.


How long does it take to complete the program?

Full-time students can complete any of our master's degree programs in two years. While the counselor education program is 48 hours for school counseling and 60 hours for clinical mental health counseling and will require 2 full years, the other master's programs potentially may be completed in 15 to 18 months depending on course sequences.

Students have a maximum of 6 years to complete their degree program. The majority of part-time master's degree students complete their degrees in three years. Further information is available from the Office of Graduate Studies, including a four-year projection for the schedule of courses. The DPT and EdD programs are 3-year, full-time cohort programs. The PAM program is a 27-month cohort program.


When are graduate classes held?

The most common time for graduate classes during the fall and spring semester is one night a week, 4:30-7 p.m. or 7-9:30 p.m.

In addition, alternative schedules in the fall and spring semesters include a limited number of courses which meet over a series of weekends (Friday night/Saturday). In the summer, Lynchburg College offers a series of three- and six-week classes. Three-week classes typically meet 2.5-3.0 hours per day either in the mornings or in the late afternoons. Six-week classes typically meet twice a week in the late afternoons or early evenings. The DPT schedule reflects full-time (daily) attendance. The DPT and PAM schedules reflect full-time (daily) attendance.


Do you hold information sessions and drop-in sessions for interested students?

Yes, please see the information session schedule.


How can I tour the LC campus?

Campus tours are available during the academic year and you may also visit our online virtual tour.

Register online for your campus visit or call 434.544.8300.


If I have other questions not on this list, how can I learn more?

Please contact or call the Office of Graduate Studies at 434.544.8383. Christine Priller, Administrative Assistant, will either be able to answer your question or will connect you with an individual who can provide necessary information.