School Inclusion

This program provides you advanced training so that you can design and implement successful inclusion programs consistent with evidence-based practices.

The program is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Classroom teachers
  • School administrators

Faculty advisor

Dr. Deanna Cash

Program Specifics


  • To enable teachers to design effective instructional programs for students with special needs or at risk
  • To identify and implement evidence-based practices related to behavioral supports and academic interventions
  • To effectively implement collaborative programs that benefit from the expertise and engagement of general education teachers, special education teachers, and other professionals

Pre-requisites: SPED 600 Survey of Special Education (or the equivalent)

Course requirements (12 credits):

  • SPED 601 Designing Educational Interventions for Students with Disabilities Accessing the General Curriculum
  • SPED 625 Positive Behavioral Interventions
  • SPED 644 Academic Instruction for Students for Disabilities
  • SPED 675 Collaboration in General and Special Education

Further Degree Opportunities

The coursework included within this certificate program constitutes specific requirements in the MEd in special education.

MEd in Special Education