Study Abroad Essentials

Register for Your Class (LC Short-Term Programs)

Lynchburg College faculty-led programs are credit-bearing courses. After consulting with the faculty member(s) leading the program, be sure to register for the appropriate study abroad class. Remember that in addition to the program’s site visits and tours, you will have assignments before, during, and after your study abroad experience.

Approval (Non-LC Programs)

If you choose to study abroad for a semester/academic year or participate in a non-LC summer program, this program must be approved in advance by Lynchburg College in order for you to receive academic credit for your studies abroad.

It is extremely important that you meet with us well in advance (at least six months for semester-long programs) to review necessary procedures and begin the application process.


For Lynchburg College faculty-led programs, you pay an additional tuition fee (except for the Spring Break program) directly to LC. The program fee (flight, accommodation, insurance, etc.) associated with these programs is paid to the study abroad service provider. You may not participate in these programs unless all tuition and fees are paid.

For non-Lynchburg College programs (semester/year/summer), you pay your fees directly to the organization sponsoring the program.

Financial aid can be made available for both types of programs listed above. It is your responsibility to consult the Financial Aid Office and the International Programs Office to find out what options are available.

Honor Code

Study Abroad is an extension of the Lynchburg College experience and campus. As such, all study abroad programs are subject to the Lynchburg College Honor and Student Conduct Codes and Regulations. You represent Lynchburg College whether you are traveling overseas with the College or another organization. Refer to The Hornet for complete details.


You must have a valid passport to travel abroad. If you have a current passport, check the expiration date to be sure it doesn’t expire while you are abroad. If you do not have a passport, you should apply immediately. Check with the LC Post Office for applications for a new or renewal passport. Forms are always available at the main U.S. Post Office (3300 Odd Fellows Road, Lynchburg; call 528.8966 for passport information).

This process can take time, so apply early. Have regulation-size passport photos taken (FotoFast or CVS stores are good options).

Always carry a photocopy of your passport and extra passport photos with you when you travel abroad.

You are responsible for all Passport fees.

Passport application information

Replace a lost or stolen passport


Some countries require a visa for study abroad, even short-term programs sponsored by LC. Check the website of the embassy of the country where you plan to study for requirements and information on how to apply for a visa.

You can also visit the embassy of many countries in Washington, D.C., but be sure to find out in advance if there are special hours for visa applications.

You are responsible for any visa fees.

International Student Identification Card

Apply for the International Student Identification Card, which provides for evacuation insurance in the event of an emergency. This insurance is extremely important because these costs can be very expensive.


Some countries require certain immunizations. Check the website of the embassy of the country you plan to visit for required immunizations. Check with your physician to be sure you have immunizations that are required. Consider having a complete physical check-up and any necessary dental work done before going abroad.

Currency & Exchange Rate Information

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