Application and Enrollment Deadlines

The dates below may change if required by the Study Abroad provider or overseas university.

Programs Application/Enrollment Deadlines
Semester programs by March 1 for upcoming fall semester
by October 30 for upcoming spring semester
January-term programs by October 1
Spring break programs by November 1
Summer programs by March 15

Lynchburg College Programs

Application forms for faculty-led programs can be obtained from the faculty member(s) leading the program. Be sure that you are also registered for the appropriate course associated with the program.

Non-Lynchburg College Programs

It is your responsibility to complete the application process and pay all application fees. If you need help with the application, talk with your advisor or make an appointment with the study abroad office.

Some programs require written essays as part of the application process. Allow plenty of time to write a high quality essay; allow time to have your advisor or the off-campus studies coordinator review the essay before you submit your application.

Many programs require letters of recommendation as part of their application process. Ask your advisor or other professors if they are willing to write recommendations for you. Be courteous; ask well in advance so they have adequate time to write recommendations.